Correct method to populate devaults in value list checklist in python 3

I am using value lists to simplify adding things to a program I am writing.

the PVL code writen by Anders Holden Deleuran was a great help. This code allows you to modify a named value list from a list of text strings.

Extending the code, I wanted to use it for checklists, where multiple items on the list are selected at the same time. I used Anders’ code, including the call to “SelectItem” which he used to preserve the default in the updated value list.

When I use this call with a checklist, the default for every item is set to false and only the last one I select is set.

I am wondering if there is another call I should be using?

The attached .gh has two identical value lists, named Geo and GeoDsk. When PVL is evaluated, the defauts are lost from GeoDsk. (14.1 KB)