Correct Content-Type (aka MIME type, media type) for 3dm files

Is there a convention which MIME_type to use for 3dm files? The official list maintained by IANA doesn’t include it. Other sources like this one suggest to use x-world/x-3dmf, but my suspicion is that this was meant for a different file format. It would be good to get a general agreement on this, because an increasing number of services will serve 3dm files via APIs and HTTP, ie the Content-Type header should be set to sth meaningful.

Maybe model/3dm would be a good choice, as it would align with existing types model/stl, model/obj, model/iges, etc (as defined in the official list by IANA).

I would go with model/3dm. I’ll let @stevebaer, @fraguada, @will chime in too.

Either model/3dm or model/vnd.3dm, I guess!

I haven’t really thought about this so I can’t give any decent opinion.

Many thanks for your feedback, will go with model/vnd.3dm for now. Wasn’t aware that vnd = vendor, makes sense.

That sounds good to me. I did a bit more reading this morning and made some notes at Please correct me if I made any incorrect assumptions while trying to summarise the information!

By the way, what’s your current use-case that requires this media type?

Many thanks for your thorough research on this. It all makes sense to me. Also agreed that model/vnd.3dm+json should be used for 3dm blobs.

We are developing a transfer format for structured data (thinking about Grasshopper trees). Eventually this will result in 3dm assets/blobs becoming accessible directly from our backend API.

I think McNeel should register an official version with IANA.

Procedures for registering Media Types can be found in [RFC6838], [RFC4289], and [RFC6657]. Additional procedures for registering media types f…

I used model/3dm for our stuff, but I think it’s easier to get model/vnd.3dm registered.

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Any updates with this? Thanks