Corona Virus - CAD+3D Printers useful in times of trouble

Vacuum cleaner and hand dryer company found a new niche. Well, who would have guessed…? :slight_smile:

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This is not related with 3D printers but with this the pandemia
As a solution a PC CPU can help. You can help to unfold an antivirus from home.
Video Instructions:

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Moving air done differently.
For inspiration only, I have no ide how a system like this can withstand use and abuse, but one idea can lead to another:

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Absolutely. That’s what brainstorming is good for.

Most people may have heard about one classical example of brainstorming which started out pretty “wild” but which eventually ended up in a useful solution. I heard it perhaps 20 years ago and probably have forgotten some details, but the story was about ice and snow on power lines and goes something like this:

In Arctic areas ice on the power lines means serious problems (I grew up 120 km north of the Arctic Circle) since the power lines can fall to the ground under the accumulated pressure.

So how do you fix that, with hundreds and thousands of miles of power lines at risk of falling to the ground?

During a brainstorming session some truly wild ideas about how to remove the ice was put forward, one idea sillier than the other. For example; "Attach pieces of meat on the power line poles, a bit above the ground, so the bears would try climbing to reach it, and so they would shake the poles and the snow and ice would start falling down from the power lines.

Not all were convinced about the feasibility of the idea, but the brainstorming session at least produced some “food for thought”. Then suddenly one guy got yet another idea, so he said (something like):

" - Forget about the bears. Why not just take a helicopter and fly very low above and along the power lines and so the pulsating air pressure from the rotors will blow off the ice and snow, with high speed at that."

And that’s what they did, and it worked very well. Glad that they skipped the tasty solution for the shakier one.

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If you like brainstorming and bashing up prototypes with what you have to hand, you might enjoy this Canukistani bumblef#cker…

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There are many projects out there that use 3d printing. Gustavo has already shown that you can get the same result 80 times faster without 3d printing and lasercutting. If you really want to be able to build everywhere and as fast as possible people should better think of old proven production methods like sheet metal, punching, welding. Use standard metal materials as much as possible. With cnc punching and lasercutting of metals you can produce a lot of items very cost effective and fast. If there are no machines, you can still build the same designs with an angle grinder and a drill. Keep it stupid simple. KISS principle.

Yes. This thread started with a 3D-printing example, but if you read through the thread it has several posts defending the idea to “use what you have, if you must. Period.”

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This already looks great. Good price also. I’m just wondering if this is really as simple as possible to build, if you think about local production somewhere in Syria or Sudan…

Probably not. It seems like some equipment which already exist in operating rooms, which are hand pumped to save patients if something goes wrong (until they can secure the patient with automated ventilators). In the link that pump has been enhanced with a mechanism for mechanical pumping. Looks complex if you ask me.

What’s really needed in “Syria and Sudan” is zero-cost squeezing of PET-bottles-kind of solutions.

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This is one project where 3d printing may make some sense, if you have these HP printers. But if any of you have clients who could produce this design on injection moulding machines we could really help our health systems.

I never expected to see good ol’ Uncle Bumblef*ck posted here but now I’m having a good laugh. Love the guy.