Cores vs memory

Does Rhino 5 and 6 for mac rely more on the amount of icores or the memory?
Thank you.

Hi Izabela,
What do you use Rhino for? For example Grasshopper in Rhino 6 can take advantage of multiple processor cores. Otherwise I believe clock in GHz is more important than how many cores your processor has.


You want to have enough RAM to minimize paging to disk.

And… v6 on Mac with Raytraced on CPU will use as many cores as it is allowed to (by default max(1,N-2)), so more is better in that respect.

I don’t understand grasshopper at all, so not using it. (wonder if there are any private lessons for Rhino and things associated with it in Dallas now)… I’m using it for pretty simple things, relatively speaking. I got the 2017 imac with i5, and was wondering if I was better off getting an i7 or not with the extended memory. However, I’d like to get realistic renders somehow.