Coral carafe /vase

Hi guys , I have a project for school and I’ve made this carafe /vase .it will be made out of ceramic - I don’t like the holder and I want to create something like in the picture below Pic.1 … can you please tell me what is the best approach to create this shape …since I’m new to rhino I will appreciate any help // thank you !

come on ppl help me out ! please

You can use some grasshopper definition to make like that vase .

You can use cocoon plugin to make this sort of thing.

From a group of spheres

I get something like that

hi, have a look a the paneling tool. with or without grasshopper

thx for the reply guys , is there a alternative …learning a new plugin will take me a month , and I don’t have that time …anyway I want the tubes also not only the bottom part ! …is there a way to make this without the plugins ?! /thx

Yes model it with quad mesh and then smooth it with Catmull Clark, it is quite easy, it is the way of doing in 3ds max and other low poly modelling that the use mesh smothening.
So make a rough shape with NURBS then use that to make some quad mesh on it.

Or transform the rough shape to quad mesh via a mesher, the best for free

Look here

5 min work