Coral brain

This was something I made as a demo for a student using ApplyDisplacment, rendered with Neon/Brazil and added a vignette in PS


Brilliant, very creative, I wouldn’t even know where to start modeling something like that.

Particularly like the colours on the brain.

Great artistry all-round .

Thanks! It’s actually all about the textures and texture mapping and not too hard once you get used to the concept of working with height fields (displacement) and UVs (how textures map to the surface of a model). Here’s the 3dm with the two textures I made of coral and galvanized steel that you can check out to see how it’s set up.
coral_brain_BrianJ.3dm (3.3 MB)


As usual your work is amazing thank you for posting this I am doing my best to learn more about textures and texture mapping and this encouraged me to be persistent.

I am very happy to see all of the the posts on this new gallery page, I think it will be a boon for the Rhino community and be very encouraging to new users of Rhino seeing what others are doing with it.

All my best … Danny

Link broken. Can you share the GH file?

8 years later…
search “SurfaceRelief” on

GH wasn’t involved with that one… it was image displacement only. Here’s a video tutorial if you aren’t familiar with this feature in Rhino.