Copying tree items into null branches

Hey everyone,

I have two lists, and I’d like to match the structure of one with the other. So far I create an empty tree with identical path structure and merge it with my target list. My question now is how I might copy values stored in {0;0} to {0;1}, {3;0} to {3;1} and so on.

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There was a similar discussion here:

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Thanks for sharing Adam. That helped me get my list structure in order.

What components might one use to copy values from one branch to another? In this case I’d like to copy values from {A;0} to {A;B} for all branches

Hi Adam, eventually I wrote some for loops (never wrote python before) that accomplished what I needed, based on the python option you shared in the linked discussion.

However I am back at a place where I’d like to accomplish this without my own shaky python code and vague understanding of what is happening, ideally with grasshopper components. I also imagine knowing how to do this with grasshopper components will contribute to my greater understanding of the software. Thus, I created a new post here.