Copying numbers out of the command history

I’m populating a spreadsheet with tank volumes pulled from the model. The tanks are divided into many cells so we can move contents around on a spreadsheet.

I have to run volume on each cell and then transfer the number to the spreadsheet.

This may seem trivial but right at this moment it feels like it would make a world of difference in my life if rhino highlighted both sides of the decimal place so I had a complete number in the clipboard… Instead of having to do it twice or do it manually and risk introducing an error.

When selecting numbers in the command history: One click does nothing. Two clicks selects whatever is on the clicked side of the decimal place. Three clicks gets the entire line.

I acknowledge that sure, one could click and drag through to select it. It’s just a bit of a game to see and do that accurately, especially on a small screen.

Well, I guess your procedure could be more or less completely automated, but the following quickie hack might help semi-automate it…

Can select one closed volume (brep or mesh); it will report the volume to the command line, but at the same time paste the volume to the clipboard. Error message box if it can’t calculate the volume…

Maybe it helps… --Mitch (1.0 KB)

Many thanks Mitch.

I also have to do the X, Y, Z coordinates of each volume’s centroid. :slight_smile: hahaha.

I guess the reason I posted is just to bring awareness to the issue. It would be nice if selection was easy for all numbers in the command history.

So you have to copy/paste 4 times for each object? Ouch… You really do need a script to output something like a csv file with Volume, X, Y, Z for each object on a separate line, then import the whole thing into Excel somehow…


If only there was a command already in rhino to do that…hmmmm

select desired objects then->file->export selected-> *.csv


Peters Tools will do what you are looking for.