Copying Geometry to Layout

I’ve not quite become familar with how copying geometry from paperspace to modelspace works. It seems to me that, for instance, 2D geometry has to be copied on the XY Plane to come through correctly and flat in layout view. Could the active CPlane not be used though? For example, copying with the front viewport active copies 2D geometry in that plane to the XY plane of layout space.

Any thoughts? Is there already an option?

Hi Jonathan -

It is used.
In model space, create a rectangle in the Front view. Then make a 4-detail layout and run ChangeSpace. Depending on whether you select the rectangle in the top, front, or right detail, the curve that gets created on the layout will be different. (And, the curves created from the top and right details will have line segments that are of zero length, resulting in bad objects).

Hi wim,

I’ve not used changeSpace before, but it doesn’t do what I was hoping still.


This is more about getting geometry into a layout. Because sometimes, turning on and off lots of layers isn’t so desirable, and just having the static geometry on the layout is nice to just relax and know it’s there. I appreciate why Rhino copies it the way it does, with layout space being a replica of the XY plane.

My request would be, if you remap cplane of geometry from modelspace (in YZ Plane) to a layout view, it would be remapped into the layouts space (XY). Only a minor inconvenience really though.

Hi Jonathan -

I’m trying to say that it does that:

You just have to make sure to select the model space geometry in a detail that is in the YZ plane.

Ah, I see what you mean. So, selecting from the actual modelspace, not in a detail view, will then paste using the active cplane and map it to the XY plane of the layout?

Hi Jonathan -

Well, from an active detail view, I’d say - but that’s semantics.

And, since the title of this thread reads “copying”, run the command before selecting anything and make sure to set the copy option, else the geometry will be moved from model space to paper space.

Hi Wim,

Thanks again for your help - this has been a really good command to try and get a grasp of.

Personally, I’d still like to be able to copy and past something from, say, the Right view using that cplane straight into the layout, assuming i picked the object for copying in this viewport, to save the creation of a detail just to get something into the layout at the right orientation. Instead of doing a rotate as well.

I suppose it’s debating over not very much though, just a UX thought.