Copying from one model to another but choosing location of copy


I am looking for some help. I do a lot of copying from a self made parts archive. Normal to add a edge detail. So using a premade profile on an edge and using sweep. I get frustrated that when copying or importing these profile copy to the same location as the file they where copied from. Is it possible to pick the exact location where the copy or import arrive in the current work space?

You can try Insert instead of import - just make sure that the object is not inserted as a block instance but just a normal object. Or, with Import, a macro

! _Import _Pause _Move W0,0,0 


! _Import _Pause _Move (You choose the From point)


Try the Insert command instead of Import, there is a choice of insert point. You will see a preview with the inserted geometry. If you are doing that often, you should be organized about where you place the parts in the files to be inserted relative to world 0. Insert as “individual objects” if you are going to do things like Sweep with the inserted geometry.

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks I will give that a try.

That’s the one. Have been using insert for layout templates so feel a bit silly not seeing the insert as object option. Thank for the help.