Copying blocks with BlockTextAttributes causes text to disappear Rhino 7

I am creating a series of blocks with block text attributes for use across my different project files. When I copy the blocks into another file, they come in with the text blown out, then when trying to edit it, the text objects disappear completely.

Any ideas?

Rhino 7 Windows

Hi Marcel - I do not see this in my quick test - can you post a simple example?


TEST BLOCK.3dm (53.9 KB)

Thanks, I see that.
RH-63245 Block Attributes: Pasted blocks lose text in the target file


Thanks, this is a very important feature for me and one of the reasons I upgraded to v7.

Sometimes it is necessary to move the attribute independently of the block insert point. Unfortunately, we cannot do it in Rhino. details: New feature request - separate control point for block attribute