Copying and moving is still sluggish even with snaps disabled

Hi guys,
I have a recurring issue when duplicating (copying) objects in files with large, textured meshes.

I am currently placing simple 2D blocks on top of a 3D scanned terrain, but it is so slow that it’s hard to work efficiently, so can you look into it? I can send a file if you need. This “SHOULD” be fast, and is slow even in wireframe. (I have a RenderedSpeed mode that has shadows turned off, and it’s slow there too) and if I run TestMaxSpeed then I get 60FPS on the file, (vsync on, with vsync off I get 213 fps in the rendered speed mode) so hardware is working just fine and the files is not too big)


Copy and paste will be slow in files that have lots of materials, or just materials with huge textures. The copy and paste system isn’t smart enough yet to copy only the used materials (of the selection), but instead copies the entire material table along.

I believe we have a bug report for that in YouTrack, can’t quickly find it on my phone. Probably also linked in other threads regarding slow copy&paste.

No, this isn’t copy-paste. I am talking about move and copying untextured objects in that file. (the textured object is not moved)

Not sure, but I think that is still a copy&paste

Hm… but I also get sluggish behaviour when drawing a polyline.
if I quickly move the cursor back and forth then the line struggles to keep up BUT it tracks the movement and draws it afterwards, so there seems to be some “stupid” code that doesn’t understand that it should skip forward to where the cursor is right now!

Hi Jorgen - try turning off ‘Snap to occluded objects’ in Options > Modeling aids. I know snaps are off, but bear with me for a moment and test to see if that makes any difference.


Hi Pascal, that didn’t change anything, BUT I discovered that SHIFT is the devil here as I have ORTHO turned on, so I hold SHIFT down to freely click where I want. I always have ORTHO on so holding down SHIFT is second nature, but turning OFF ORTHO makes a world of difference!!!

This applies to BOTH moving, copying and drawing new lines.

Please look into why holding SHIFT down causes the lagging in V6. I have never experienced that in V5. (Maybe V6 is checking for SHIFT for every millisecond and then transfer that to a stack of frames it believe it NEEDS to draws or something)

Hi Jorgen - So far here with the giant mesh I have, 7.5 million points, there is no difference with or without Shift - it’s slow and difficult either way…


Hm, I tried here on the laptop and on this one it is fast. So something is causing the lag. I can see that it trails a few frames behind, but it doesn’t get as sluggish. I’ll investigate some more on monday!