Copy using Gumball + alt and 0 value should be allowed

I often copy subobject using alt and gumball. If i want to copy face of a polysrf or anything in place i would just enter 0 value but Rhino does not allow it. I have to enter some value 100 and then move it back -100. Why 0 should not be permitted for this operation? I can not think of a reason.

Don’t know if it helps here, but _Copy _InPlace will work to copy the selected sub-objects without moving them.

Yes it works this way too. I just thik gumball could be used as well for the same thing. It is expected behaviour when you copy something with 0 vector it will basically be the same as copy in place.

I don’t disagree… I think 0 has simply been excluded from input on any of the gumball handles - as it doesn’t make any sense on any of them - except the case for +Alt copying in place, which has probably not been considered.

Hi @Helvetosaur
I actually use Scale>0 a LOT on the gumball handles to flatten (sub-)objects - and that’s allowed.

Ah, you’re right about that - something I am not in the habit of doing actually.