Copy Trim Problem


Does anyone have any idea why copy trim doesnt work on this case?

Thank you!

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Because your source surface is “Untrimmed”.

Thank you HS_Kim… But if I would like to orient this subdived pattern on my untrimmed surface how would be a way to do it by keeping its horizontal direction…

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Your explanation is insufficient. What is your subdived pattern and what is your untrimmed surface? Explain in detail using images or sketches.

Hello HS_KIM!

I would like to orient this random subdivision curves.

to this surface

I used map to surface and surphase morph but the direction of the initial curves changes according to my surface UV and I want to avoid this.

You’ll need pufferfish plugin.

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Just so you understand, Copy trim does not trim with curves. It copies the trim data from one trimmed surface to another untrimmed surface.

Thank you guys!