Copy - pasteing (not importing) materials is not done correctly

Currently if I have 2 materials with the same Name in two different scenes, and if i copy paste one in the other scene i get this [imported] thing on it. This creates a mess.

It should be done with a dialog similar to the one that pops up when copy-pasting blocks, asking if i should keep both the one in the current scene or replace with the new one.

Please take this into consideration for some new release.

I notice now that this problem occurs when I copy paste from one file to another. When I import the dialog shows up.

Hello - yes, I noticed this as well the other day. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll get it on the pile.

@Bogdan_Chipara - there is hope - currently as RenderPasteConflictOption - currently a non-auto-competing test command.


RH-55256 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Thank you.
Could you also have a look into this:

thanks @brian,
Is this also fixed in R6 SR19?

No, it’s fixed in the WIP.