Copy paste of a jpg from V4 to V5 very soft

I have copy pasted a jpg from V4 to V5 and all was nice and crisp as per V4
done the same today into same file of another jpg from the same source file as the crisp one, and its twice as soft.

dashed line 2mm is now 4mm thick

all jpgs saved same way in same photoshop.

all are placed using PictureFrame in V4.

Why ?


Any chance you can post an example? It’s not possible to explain why without seeing the source.

Hi, tricky
the image is large, the size of a small aircraft and at 1:1 scale so uploading it is not an option, and furthermore its confidential so I am stuck there.

I will have to crop it and try it in V4 then copy paste to V5 and upload the crop.

Will have to get back to you on that experiment as time not suitable right now.


Can you skip the V4 step and just put the pictureframe straight into V5?

Yes. My question. What are you doing in V4 that you can’t do in V5?