Copy-paste between windows doesn`t work like in v6

I`m a MoI3d user for a few years and a Rhino user for one month. I like those both software and I would like to use them both.

I love the feature that I can copy-paste between MoI3d 4 beta and Rhino v6. It works in both directions.

In Rhino v7 copy-paste from Rhino to MoI3d doesn`t work properly as it works in v6.

I’ve checked also copy-paste between Rhino7 and Rhino6. It also doesn`t work properly.

Is it possible to fix copy-paste in Rhino7 to work the same way as in Rhino6?

I think that when you fix that you will be able to copy-paste between Rhino7 and Rhino6 then I should be able also to use copy-paste between Rhino7 and MoI3d.

Thanks in advance.


the sdk from v7 is not final yet, so it’s not surprising that stuff like that is dodgy… it should improve in the future.

If it will be corrected in future then I`m happy :slight_smile:

Hi -

Could you give a specific example of what doesn’t work between Rhino 7 and Rhino 6?

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Michael Gibson has made a helper application so now you can copy paste from rhino 7 to Moi3d.

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