Copy / paste between V5 / V6 not accurate

I draw a circle of 12mm in diameter in V5. It dimensions as 12.00 mm.
I copy and paste it to V6. It dimensions at from 11.64 to 12.19 - if you rotate the mouse with the un-placed diameter dimension to it around the circle, you can see the center mark wobble around.

I draw a circle of 12mm diameter in V6. It dimensions as 12.00.
I copy and paste it into V5. It dimensions at from 11.64 to 12.19…

both rhinos are configured with the same units.
There is no other geometry in either instance of the program.

What can this be about…??


Hi Rabbit - so far I do not see this here… what does What say about the pasted geometry? The circles are not being made as ‘deformable’ are they?


OMG. Does the PG robot never sleep? It’s midnight here in the eastern US!

Thanks Pascal

It is of course my bad, as I realised about 3:30 in the morning- in V6 I had tilted the cplane a little to line up with a previous object, and never re-set it…



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Hi Rabbit - ok, thanks, I’m glad it’s sorted…