Copy object to another positions

Hi Guy,
I have one rectangular small base on on rectangular big
How I can copy rectangular small to another rectangular in same position as pictuture below

You can use the Map to Surface component or Rectangle Mapping component

Rectangle Mapping

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First, you have to construct two references points, for instance the center point of the small rectangle, and the center point of the rectangle that you want to copy to.
Then you have to draw the vector between those points, and use it to move the small rectangle to the new location.
After that you can merger the initial and moved small rectangles.

Thank you it good component work correct
And now if base geometry need copy is one solid object is these way solve problem?

Use Pufferfish move to point

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Thanks you it good choice
I summary to solve this problem

  • use map to surface component to copy Curve object
  • use Orient or Move to Point ( Pufferfish ) to copy Geometry Object
    Any other idea?
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