Copy Object Section Without Split?

Hi all,

Is there a way to copy a section of an object, without splitting it?

I want to copy a section (pictured) and place a copy beside it, rotated 90 degrees, and union the copy into the shaft.

Of course I can just split it (and I will, because you won’t answer quickly enough… :grin: ) but at least I’d like to know until I run into a similar problem next time.


// Rolf

SubObjectSelect : Copy(InPlace) : Selnone : select the copied geometry, rotate, union. Yes?

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Hi James,

Tried that, but after rotating, the geometry doesn’t seem to stick to the surface. Boolean fails. An “Intersection” shows the following curve as a result:

… but hm, that may simply indicate I need to try harder to define the center… (I’ll try some more).

Edit: Tried being more careful defining the center point, and after retrying your sequence of commands, the rotate copy geometry is elegantly in place.

(Btw, I got away without splitting due to the quick answer… :slight_smile: )

Many thanks! :+1:

// Rolf

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