Copy Object - Paste In Place

Hi ,
Just getting started with Rhino , after CAD modelling in other applications .

Quick question - dealing with block objects . I wish to copy certain contained objects and " Paste in place " but outside of the Block . Possible? or do I have to explode the block and recreate ?

All copy and paste I have found in Rhino is Copy Tool dependant . I have not found a copy - paste - paste in place command which retains the copy information outside of that tool process . ie
copy . make to further operations . and subsequently paste / paste in place .

Hi Lokomotiv -

You can enter BlockEdit mode, copy the object(s), exit the mode and paste.

Ahh Yes - So stupid .

Rhino pastes in place automatically ! DOH

Is there a way not to place in place automatically?

Just use the Rhino Copy command (not Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V) and copy the object(s) somewhere else.

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