Copy Layer into a New Project


I’m a new user in Rhino 6 and am attempting to copy a layer from one project into another. Project_01 is the file I have. Unfortunately there were revisions made to it while I was editing it. I have been adding dimensions (Dim command) by adding dimensions to a variety of 3D objects in Project_01. The updated model (Project_02) has the same geometry in the same Cartesian locations with some minor alterations that my boss made (meaning, I can’t just ask him to use my model and redo his work). So I’m imagining that I may be able to copy the layer I have created in Project 01 with the dimensions into Project_02. I’ve been unsuccessful in locating a similar post to my predicament. I’m uploading an example file to help understand what I’m attempting. This is my Project 01 in my example above.



Hi Chris - you can use SelLayer or the context menu in the layer panel to select all the objects on a layer and copy/paste into your second file - both files can be open at the same time.
Does that do it?


Yes, but I have dimensions in multiple layouts (drawing sheets) so I wanted to copy all at once and match them to the same sheets in a new model.