Copy element in center of hexagon

I am trying to create a cutting pattern for laser cutter. I want to cut those hexagon shapes shown in the picture but I want to have a circle in the middle of each one.
I managed to do the hexagons and position them in the board, I made the first circle, but I don’t know how to copy it in the center of each hex.

All the help will be much appreciated!



Just put the P from the HexGrid to the Circle component. No move needed.



Lol, I looked so hard for a competent to do that with and the entire time it was there. What an easy fix! Thank you a lot!

No problem.

A few other ways to do it.

The move2 point is requires pufferfish plugin.


One more thing. I want to write the name of my friend on the coasters. I created the text and image in Illustrator, placed them as an svg file in Rhino, but they are treated as separate objects. I did as shown in the picture but the error in center comes from the fact that in the geometry element I have selected few geometries.
I tried joining the letters using “Join” in Rhino - it didn’t work.
I tried grouping them and then put them in one geometry in GH - it didn’t work.

How can I join letters/vectors so that they act as one geometry?

internalize and post your GH file.