Copy Array while Lofting?

I am a rhino amateur and hope I am using the correction terminology. I have two non-parallel curved paths, which I would like to copy array a rectangular element along. Since these paths are non-parallel, is there a way to constrain the rectangular element so that it is automatically adjoins both path, stretching between the two, like a loft? Please see the attached image (which is modeled in SketchUp).
Thank you for reading!

I would contemplate Sweep2 using the curves as rails and straight lines for cross-section.

Hi Michael - try Orient, Copy=Yes, Scale=1D. Does that get you anything good? It should work but the 3d orientation may be wonky- you may need to swivel the results on the contact points.


Thank you both. I was able to find another method where I extracted the isocurves of the loft and then split the surface and did surface offset. It’s not a perfect result but it is close enough.