Copy and paste from one DRW into another?

Sorry but i have to ask. how can i copy viewings from one drw into another one?
Sample… I want to copy view front into a new Frame.

Thx Michael

Hi Michael - you can read in named views from another file (see the Named Views panel) , but not copy/paste. I’m not sure I understood the question though.


Hi Michael,

If your question means that if you look at an object in one viewport, can you make it look the same, but in a different viewport, then Remap to C plane will do what you want.

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Thanks for your quick answers, what i’m looking for is.

Drawing A:
I want to copy from one view some parts, like a engine and than
I want to paste it into Drawing B. Both Drawings have nothing to do with each other…

or can i add something from Drwaing a into b ???

Hope that explains it better?

I take it you are talking about two different files?
You can open 2 instances of Rhino and just copy and paste from one instance to the other.

HI Michael - if you are asking about copy/paste of objects between two sessions of Rhino, then yes, you can do that- have you tried it?


I tried and it did not work…i can copy and i have the Option to paste but the Object ist not showing up

Is that just happening with one particular object in one particular file or can you reproduce this with any geometry in any file?

Whatever i pic and try to copy is not working…

Are you sure it’s not pasting at all? Maybe it worked and you just can’t see the object because it’s off the screen somewhere? What happens if you do a Zoom Extents after pasting? --Mitch

I do this all the time, I use “Ctrl+C” to copy, and even close the drawing and open a different one. Then “Ctrl+V” to paste it into the new drawing. It automatically puts the parts in the same X,Y,Z Coordinates. So as Helvetosaur said if you’re way off screen you may not see it. Or if it’s being pasted with the same layer name and that layer is turned off.

Yes, also a good point to check! --Mitch

Just tp check, your not trying to use the copy icon on the left side toolbar are you? that just works within that file. You have to use the copy button on the standard toolbar at the top or from the Edit drop down. Ctrl C works as well.

James Crombie

If the copy/paste workflow is problematic, would it make sense to do something like Export Selected the items from Drawing A, then Import that file in to the Drawing B file? Or is it just cumbersome to do it this way and Copy/Paste should be a quick win. Been following this thread and am curious.


In addition to what others have said,

‘CopyToClipBoard’ the objects in the first file then ‘Paste’ the objects into the second file and if these objects happen to be off the screen, as they are still selected directly after the paste command, use ‘zoom selected’ to take you to there.
Then ‘move’ the still selected objects by picking a convenient point to move from, then ‘zoom previous’ to take you back to the working area and pick a second convenient point to move to.