Coordinates not translating well when bringing CAD into a Revit

This post is similar to the one regarding floor thickness corruption when generating them through R.I (same project, same referenced process)
Another thing that happens is that R.I seems to corrupt the coordinates data from the CAD files. Essentially, when bringing the CAD linework into Revit via R.I, it ends up far from their correct location. This is even though when linked directly into Revit, the CAD files come in correctly. The project contains all this content, DWG and RVT, and coordinates are being shared across.
Is there some known issue with coordinates being dropped or otherwise truncated when R.I process is involved? Or is this expected?
Thank you.

Rhino, Autocad and Revit all share the same 0,0,0 so this sounds like your units being off. The Rhino units should match the Revit (Typically in Feet/Meters).