Cool little bridge trick- windows

if you haven’t found this small trick, enjoy!

bridge faces , hover over the segments box and roll the mouse wheel.

works for edges too-


Windows-only feature? Default mouse behavior might be different or not implemented in macOS. I was curious to see if this trick worked in mirrored symmetry mode…

Using a bluetooth mouse under macOS, hovering the pointer over the respective areas has no effect. Placing the cursor inside the number dialog and scrolling with mouse wheel likewise does nothing. Clicking the tiny arrow key up works as expected. Clicking the arrow key down past 1 though…

Gives +infinity… and for that brief moment in time, I was soooo hoping the Devs figured a way of opening a hole in the fabric of our universe. Note that once I get HERE, the arrow keys no longer make changes in that field. It stays with this value until I use the keyboard to change it back to a simple number. Like an animal. :smile:

Just to be thorough, I Gumball Alt-drag a copy, turn OFF the symmetry to see if the history mirror was the culprit. Doesn’t seem to be. Still middle-wheel-unresponsive when hovering over the slider. It should also be noted that although the Segment count says “1”, what’s shown in the model appears similar to the +infinity session from the previous Bridge invoke. Bug?

yep- you are correct, I’m seeing this behavior only on the windows side.

I will write it up to see if this is an oversight for mac, or a technical limitation of MacOs

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I think the stepper controls in Mac do not support scrolling, however I think it is a nice feature so I implemented it specifically for the bridge dialog. It is now fixed for the Mac. However if others do not like it, then I can remove it if needed. My personal opinion is that I would like the Bridge dialog to work the same on both platforms.