Convex to Concave

I just want to increse the height of this object, one side remains convex but one becomes concave when I edit this obejct with its point. (I’ve exploded it so this is just one of its surfaces, but the whole thing behaved this way also.) It doesn’t behave this way if I stretch it with the gumball, but I can’t get a precise alignment with that way. I’m missing something…

yes that happens in revolved objects mostly, you have to extract the surfaces and move the control points and the join again.

Hello - please post a file with the object or send to with a link back here.


Thanks Pascal
ConvexToConcave.3dm (1.1 MB)

Thanks- that certainly looks buggy to me - for now, move the lowest ring of control points.

RH-60723 Edge move distorts surface


Thx. A ring of control points. Hm. The object has one control point at the top and one at the bottom…

Hello - F10 will turn on control points - I guess you are seeing Solid Points (SolidPtOn) perhaps.


THanks. I thought an object was only one or the other. I guess that’s only polysurfaces and this is a monosurface.