Converting Solid to Walls by Boolean subtraction? How can I get empty rooms?


got a simple appartment I measured, drew the netspace (=empty volumes of the rooms) in Rhino as solids. Added a solid as enveloppe to cater for wall, ceiling and floor.

Much easier than tracing all outlines. This is an existing structure and wall thickness it not 100% even.
Wall type is not critical here. I only need the rooms to be empty and the walls to accept windows & doors.

Converted the enveloppe box to a Visualarq wall and subtracted the netspaces by Boolean.
The Boolean subtraction works, but if I move the elevation downwards to expose the rooms all is filled. this seems illogical.

Is there a simple way have these rooms empty?

Rhino 6

Filled Volumes.3dm (2.8 MB)
File is attached.


Hi @Prettypicturegirl,

Rhino does not support solids with holes. Rhino solids needs to have all boundary surfaces connected. A hole inside a solid is not possible, as there is no edge that connect the internal with the external surfaces. In the model you have attached, the resulting wall has several pieces, but all of them are “positive”, so there is no empty space, but space filled with two solids.

And, event if Rhino supports these kind of solids, VisualARQ won’t accept you to insert doors and windows in a wall with this geometry, as we need a patch curve for the wall in order to detect the direction. Other features, like spacing, sections, hatching, are not going to work.

It will be simpler to create a wall for each real wall segment. If one of the walls has a variable width, use a wall from solid for this segment.



Thanks for the info.
Unfortunately not good.

Its much more time consuming (& not simpler) the way you describe it. Especially if you have uneven walls.
Still I understand there is no other way than the way you describe, so I’ll have to do it that way. Bummer.

Thanks anyway!