Converting Rhino camera motion into Bongo?

is it possible to convert a camera motion path, made with standard animation tools in Rhino, into a Camera motion made with bongo?


Unfortunately this is not possible.


Hi Riccardo,

Long time ago, I wrote a set of tools for Rhino called RAT+. I have not tested or used it for a while, so I have no idea how it will behave with Rhino 5 and new Bongo - but - feel free to give it a shot. There is a bunch of tools in it, but there was one to convert Rhino animation to Bongo keyframes (don’t even have Bongo now to test it out) and also there is a tool (RAT_Utilities) that can extract the camera and target path and key frames as points, view frame data as text file etc… You just need to convert your Rhino animations to RAT camera. The PDF in the package has description of how it ‘should’ work. (1.2 MB)


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Thanks Jarek, I forgot your awsome tools!
I was a great fan of multipleviewcapture and arrayplus.
I’ll give it a try.