Converting polysurface into solid extrusion using scripts from rhino inside revit

hi there,
i am new to the forum, and would love some help regarding the conversion of polysurface to solid extrusion, geometry gained from rhino inside revit. is there any method of scripting which would help achieve the further geometry. thanks in advance!

Sure thing! Can you provide an image of the geometry you are referring to so we can get you going quickly?

sure thanks, I am trying to convert the baked geometry (polysurfaced mullion) into solid extrusion rectangularly shaped. Attached below is the image showing the difference between both the geometries.

Are you trying to achieve this in Family environment or Project environment?

this was just to show the difference what i am trying to achieve, and is manually done.

Kariashma, it looks like you would like a bounding box of Geometry you’ve brought in from Revit.

What is the desired workflow? There are several points in the process where this could be achieved. Is there any additional data that is being passed through? Mullion Type, Length?

A key element in this process is the plane, if your mullions are at an angle a simple bounding box will not suffice. Ideally this plane would come during the Revit Element, or we can query a face of your polysurface to get the appropriate plane.

Something like this would be the most efficient.

@Japhy thankyou so much, I wanted achieve this result only.
Appreciate the support. : )

this helped achieving the geometry required, however, after baking it converts it into a polysurface. is there any solution to keep the extrusions remain solid after baking, thanks in advance.

Karishma, Can you explain a little more? I’m not quite understanding the question.

I see in the first image you’ve highlighted the Element Geometry, in the second the Bounding Box geometry, it looks like you’ve baked the Bounding Box Geometry.

sure, my question is,
is there any way i can keep the bounding box geometry in extrusion after baking. Usually, after baking everything turns into a polysurface right, so can we keep it as it is? : /

If i understand you correctly you would like the bounding box geometry baked? At any point after the extract geometry component you can bake the geometry you want, be it the extrusion or the bounding box (right click the component and bake)

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Hi @karishma.sharma,

The attached RHP contains a command called ToExtrusion.
It is able to convert closed polysurfaces that are like extrusions with or without hollows, and surfaces that are extrusion like shaped.

It shoud work with boxes aswell :smiley:

ToExtrusion.rhp (47 KB)

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Thanks @kike : )