Converting NURBS to mesh problem

I have model size 1.8 GB and looks like this in wireframe view:

and this is how it looks when I converted this to mesh with 800mb size:

How to convert this properly to mesh with low size, layers names, materials? I tried everything export as obj itp.Results are bad and model is too heavy.

Well, I would first have a read here on mesh settings. Then I would choose one of your “console” objects and try different settings with the Mesh command to see what the “coarsest” setting is that might work for you visually. Then try exporting that one object and see if the file size is acceptable. If you find a setting that is OK, then mesh the whole thing with that setting and export.

Is there any schematic options to set mesh like this? Because I prefer to have more quadra than triangular polygons.

Hello - you can visually clean up planar mesh regions using AddNGonsToMesh


YES! Thank You guys very much. Mesh properties make meshes look better and with AddNGonsToMesh there is no strange connections. Very helpful