Converting NextEngine .scn into PLY with color

Hello, I have a lot of NextEngine models I made a few years ago, and now that the company is no longer in business, I want to be sure I can access the original files if I need them or at least make sure they are converted to PLY formats. So, I imported one file with the .scn extension into Rhino 7, then I selected the object and saved it as a PLY and it worked, but it does not save the color (texture). I did open the .scn in its original folder so that all the .scn files (texture files and all others) from the original were there, but for some reason the PLY doesn’t save that texture.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I do need the color texture because that often helps me locate landmarks (they’re 3D scans of human crania from a variety of archaeological sites.).

Thank you!

Hi Susan, I don’t know - maybe post an example with textures so I can have a try. There is also

I have no idea how useful that site is.


Pascal -I could upload an original scn file with all the textures - do you want me to do that in the file upload? The file is large so just posting the scan without the texture files will not do any good.

Ah it’s not a little file, exactly, then - yes please use, for, to my attention - I’ll find it.


I do not think that site will work - because the textures are in separtate files, there will be the same issue as the one currently in Rhino -it actually explains that on their website. But thank you!

Hi Pascal, I could not get the file to upload, but I could share it via Dropbox.