Converting Mesh to surfaces

If I bring in a Poser mesh file, can I convert the mesh to surfaces?

each polygon will become a surface then with MeshToNurb
makes probably no sense. what would you need that for?

I want to make the figure 2D without having to edit all of the interior curves.

you can use MeshOutline for this

Outlining mesh is a good tool. However I would like to see interior details like the eyes, nose, mouth and ear outline.

try ExtractMeshFaces, click along the area you see fit as the parts you need and use MeshOutline again, combine this with the meshoutline from before. or you delete those polygons with cmd shift clicking on the polygons (subselection) and hitting delete, but you have to delete the back polygons either to have the entire parts punched out, then use MeshOutline on the entire figure.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.