Converting Macro into executable file

Hello Guys,

I am dealing with one situation, it’s kinda of a challenge for me but i don’t know how or where to start!!

I have generated macros for different functions and commands, also toolbar and buttons linked to these macros (CATIA and Rhino).

What i want to do is:

  1. Create .exe (executable files) for all these macros, so my configurations are also linked to it like (toolbar and buttons)
  2. Put them in one folder (which is easy)
  3. Create an installer for these macros, so other users can install and work along

Guys please help me out. Your opinion is of great value to me.

If they are all already in a series of toolbar buttons, I don’t know if you have to go through all that trouble. You can simply save out a toolbar collection (.rui) file and open/import it into any other Rhino install (Windows). Either group all your custom macro buttons into one toolbar that can be easily managed, or just keep them in your normal workspace end export the whole thing.


Thanks so much for your reply. That i already did.

But the problem is if I am going to update the macro or script at some point, i have to tell everybody to import my new settings again and copy the macro too, which is a really hard thing to do if the users are in hundreds.

The installer will allow me to just update the macro and the installer, everything else will be the same. So i don’t have to tell everyone to copy and import settings every time. Just a reminder about the update and they will simply run the installer.

I don’t understand that. If the toolbars contain your macros/scripts, all the users have to do is grab the new version from somewhere and drag it into the folder where the old version is kept, overwriting the original… On the next run of Rhino, your mods will be operational.


okay put it this way. I don’t want to do that part, i want to create an installer.

AutoUpdate with no experience in programming, forget it !!!
You must programing a custom sheduled AutoUpdater,
but many companies block update calls to outside (Firewall) !!!

For creating setup files see Innosetup or 7zSFX

Here is a non-programmers solution. Put your toolbar collection in a shared Dropbox folder and give your users Viewer rights. Have them install the toolbar collection from their Dropbox shared folder. Anytime you modify the toolbar collection it will update their copies. No action required on their part. You could even put a revision change log and usage notes or help files in there.

Of course, if your users are all on a common network, just put the toolbars in a folder they can all access and lock the files as “read only”.