Converting into a solid

How would I go about converting this model into a solid ready for 3d printing I have attached the files of the model below… I am wanting the lines to be the same except to be 3D hope this makes sense?

What do you want to do with this - extrude it as a flat disc-like object? Or something that has more swoopy, curved surfaces?

Yeah, well, that is no longer in the ‘converting’ realm of things but rather in the ‘freeform modeling’ domain. There’s not a simple procedure to do something that, it takes some time and experience; and starting from your simple outline, you will need to invent quite a bit more detail.

How would i go about doing this or learning this?

Hello - you can learn surfacing but this looks like it will be quite a challenge, and very time-consuming, to model cleanly as surfaces. This really looks like a job for a sculpting tool like ZBrush or similar.


Okay thank you for the reply and the solution

No parece tan dificil si te animas, con un poco de tiempo libre,
lo obtienes sin dificultad con Rhino 6…sin necesidad de ir hasta Zbrush.
–No es una geometria tan complicada, solo un poco de tiempo libre–.
–La curvatura de la pieza tampoco resulta tan dificil de lograr–.
Animate con Rhino, lo lograrias sin problema mayor.

What are you looking at when modeling this?
An image?
A real pendant?

my idea is why not using _Heightfield?

Yes a heightmap could do the trick, get an image with the details, construct a fine mesh (lots of points) and move them according to the image values.

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i concur with heightfield in that case for sure predestined for it. besides the nostrils there is nothing overhanging and these can be implemented when the heightfield was created.

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I am looking at a picture of a pendant I have attached an image earlier in the conversation of the design I am looking to model

Great answer thank you!

So you can’t find that top-down?

Select the image and use these settings:

  • Result

  • select the mesh, and click on the scale modifier of the gumball and enter 0.75