Converting connected polysurfaces to solids

Hi - Im having trouble with a model where there are several surfaces connected but I wish to turn them into a solid. Any help?

Without you sending the file it’s pretty much impossible to say anything useful. Does cap work?

Generally speaking, use the command Join to connect all surfaces.

I am assuming that those surfaces form a closed “watertight” volume. In order to check that this watertight solid was accomplished, use the ShowEdges command. Analyse the Naked Edges which are the open edges of the surfaces you’re trying to connect.

In case there are naked edges, consider rebuilding your surfaces with great care on what curves and edges you’re using to form a surface. Also take a look on the tolerance in Options because it must be too low, causing the Join command to be useless. If you’re not minding much or you’re struggling too hard to make good surfaces, use the JoinEdges command. It will override tolerance and join the edges that are far apart more than the tolerance.

Rerun the ShowEdges command to make sure all Naked Edges are gone. Check also the object type in the Properties tab, it must be a closed polysurface.

Hope this helps!

Can you be more specific about the problem and/or upload a file with the geometry?