Converting a lot of polysurface bricks to "light weight extrusions"


I know you can make extrusions into polys but can you go the other way too?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi ATH- I poked at this in a script a while ago and did not quite get there before being interrupted… or there was a function missing that I needed- can’t remember… In any case I think it should be possible in many cases at least, I’ll see if I can go back an scratch away at that again.



that would be very cool. we are making some crazy detailed architecture models for 3d printing right now… I am excited to share image with mcneel but for now NDAs prevent that.


Hi Pascal, did you already succeeded this mission?

I would be a great function to downsize the filesize of the models!

(Pascal Golay) #5

I am taking another look… no promises…



Thanks in advance!

(Willem Derks) #7

Hi Pascal,

I’d like to know what’s the status of a TryConvertToExtrusion tool for V5 or V6?
Before I start scripting it myself, I think it better to see what RMA has in store or in the oven ( no bun intended)


(Pascal Golay) #8

Hi Willem - none that I know of…


(Willem Derks) #9

Ok thanks, I’ll see what I can come up with if I find the time.


Hey guys,

Good morning. Just saw this old thread and am wondering if we were able to come up with a script that will convert polysurfaces to extrusions? I’ve got a building full of bricks (simple six sided polysurfaces) that I would love to convert. Right now my file is 648 mb!!

@pascal @Willem

Thank you.

(Pascal Golay) #11

Hi Cosmas - yes, but… one by one only at this point. V6/WIP has a test command testConvertToExtrusion, and I’ll attach the py code for that, but it is a one-by-one operation, you need to specify the extrusion edge to use as a direction. I have some code to auto-select the correct edge - I’ll see if I can tune that up - right now it leaves a lot of debris laying around… (6.6 KB)



Rhino Export (or) Import Problem

That’s funny, Pascal.

I guess I should have activated “used extrusions” before I made the bricks: )

Thank you.