Converting 2d to 3d

Steps we used to convert 2d images in 3d model

1- Photos from DSLR(30-40)
2- Importing in 123d catch and converting in 3d model(".3dp")
3- importing in Autocad and converting in rhino compatible format(".fbx")
4- From rhino converting in ansys compatible format (".stl")


1- Imported Images are surface bodies
2- converting surface bodies in volumetric or solid bodies.

1- Which software is best to convert surface to solid body
2- How do we do it

Models created from scans or photos will always be meshes. Converting to a Brep (Boundary Representation) model is often called “reverse engineering”, although technically reverse engineering is a much larger subject than just converting meshes to Breps… There’s lots of info available on the subject, including a McNeel article.


Does this mean that your end result needs to be in the STL format?
From what I find from a brief search, 123d catch should be able to export printable STL files and as such those should be ‘solid’.