Convert to Nurbs, and Straight Lines In SubD

New to SubD. I’m fine with not using a hammer when I should use a screw driver.

In this part, I want straight lines in my design, marked in red. I imagine I should save the SubD as nurbs, delete the nurb shapes I don’t like and redraw them. I cannot save as nurbs because there is an error in my design. I cannot find the error.

Is there a way to find errors in SubD? I didn’t see any naked edges.

Is there a way to preserve straight lines in SubD?



PROBLEM.3dm (141.4 KB)

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Hi Inju,

I deleted the face you suggested. Thanks. Why won’t this convert to nurbs? I might have the IQ of a root vegetable

Thanks, Dave.

Hi Dave - it converts, here - the default is not to delete the input object though, so you may have both.