Convert the IFC file to the RFA format

Hi Jon,

I’m trying to import and convert the IFC file to the RFA format, for example an IFC from a pipe system converted into revit families. Do you know of any method that enables such conversion?


Hi Gustavo,

Thanks for posting.
Yes, Geometry Gym has developed tools to support process like this.
But also to note the work is undertaken in a “Just In Time” approach so
if you test this with pipes and don’t get good results, please let us know
and we can consider how to improve. I don’t recall explicitly testing pipes
in this explicit process, but do know they are supported in the general importer.
Where is the IFC originally authored from?

You might find this video informative

and also this tech paper

If the IFC isn’t authored with this process in mind, then it might be convenient to extract the “object library” as a filter process in Grasshopper.