Convert string to point fails

Just ran in to a curious problem when trying to send point data from one Grasshopper definition to another. I am using the UDP Sender and Receiver with the default loopback address.

If I plug in Points or Frames in one side, then the panel output on both sides is the same. For example in the format “O(1.00,2.00,3.00) Z(1,0,0)”

Now if I just plug that string into a point paramter on the receiving end it tells me that the conversion from string to point failed even though the string displayed in the panel is the correct format.

Is there a better way to serialize and deserialize data in Grasshopper or to send data like points from one definition to another?

Thanks for any hints how to accomplish this without having to split the string into individual numbers and then construct points and then frames again, which seems very tedious for such a simple task.

Thanks for any hints.

The string you posted describes a plane, and the plane->string conversion is lossy. That’s not even to mention the loss of data due to rounding in the string formatting.

I don’t know what UDP is, but if you’re running Rhino6 you’ll have access to the Data Input and Data Output components. They require a file as a go between, but it is a live connection and it stores data losslessly.