Convert Selection

New Rhino user here…
Is there a hotkey/ command to:
a) convert a selection for an object to a sub-object selection
b) convert a sub-object selection to a different sub-object selection?

Example 1, select curve > use command/ hotkey > curve selection is converted to control points selection.
Example 2, while using Gumball, select an edge on an extrusion object > use command > edge selection is converted to control points selection/ points selection.
Example 3, with control points selected > use command > convert selection to edges
Example 4, with control points selected > use command > selection is converted to object selection

I tried Google, the forums, Rhino Help, Rhino Keyboard and Alias options but I didn’t find it. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

Edit, now with pictures…

You can’t “convert” an object to its control points. You can turn them on with F10 (Windows). You can “convert” an object’s control points to real point objects with the command ExtractPt (which you could put on a hotkey if you wanted).

You cannot “convert” control points into objects. You can use them to edit the object to whom they belong. You can also do a lot of things with control points that you can with normal point objects - move them, scale them, run a curve through them, etc.

HTH, --Mitch

Sorry Mitch, upon re-reading my post my wording wasn’t clear, but your answer doesn’t answer the question I was intending to ask. I only want to convert the selections not the objects themselves. I’ve gone back and edited the post to clarify the question.

It really just works differently in Rhino- you can select top level objects or sub-objects like edges or faces with ctrl-shift select, but control points are different- you need to enable these and then you can select them, but if points are enabled, you cannot, unless a command is running, select the top level object. There has been some discussion here about possibly allowing top level object selection when points are on using the same sort of mechanism (ctrl-shift) but that is just talk so far.


Thanks Pascal. I’ll try and work around what I need to do via a script. In the particular case that I was thinking about, I needed to go to from curve selection, to control points selection, then back to the original curve. Does the following sound plausible in a script? I think something like select manually selecting the curve, then in script: name the object [i.e. rename the curve], turn control points on, select all control points, perform the required operation, deselect the control points, then [re-] select the named object/ original curve).