Convert MRU DateString into DateTime

I’m looking for a way to convert the date string listed in the grasshopper_mru.xml file

so far i have tried the grasshopper method to convert the string to a date

import Grasshopper
from Grasshopper import Kernel
import System 

def convertStringToDate(string, ref):
    string = "637877939439291430" #testData
    ref = System.DateTime.Now.Date #systme.Date Reference
    date = Kernel.GH_Convert.StringToDate (string, ref)
    return date

That Returns
(False, <System.DateTime object at 0x0000000000000FEE [01/01/0001 00:00:00]>)

Am i passing in the wrong System.DateTime reference for this or am I completely off base and the above methods are not for the MRU gh_date?


PS: DateTime in C# starts with 01/01/00001.

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Awesome. Thank You sir!