Convert // Input and output object array counts do not match

I have sometimes problem with importing *.AI files.
With command “Convert option:
_Output=_Arcs _SimplifyInput=_Yes _DeleteInput=_Yes _AngleTolerance=1 _Tolerance=0.05”
i get error “Input and output object array counts do not match.”
What is wrong ???
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Example file attached
convert.3dm (49.4 KB)

Hmm, I can’t reproduce that here… Never seen that error message before, that sounds like some core programming error, not something intended for the user to see. What version of Rhino are you using? Do you have any special settings for minimum or maximum length, or are they both 0?


Hi eddi - I do not see this here with this set of curves either.


Thanks for answer,

Ok i use still V4, probably the problem is only in V4.
Any chance for detection of this problem ?

Yep, that is a V4 error - in case you care, this is the developer’s comment from the report we had of this for V4:

That error should hardy ever show in V5. You should only see it if for some reason some of the objects in the input array have no curve representation.

In case that will happen, I changed the error message to “Failed to prepare some input curves for conversion. Adding converted curves to current layer.”, and made the command add the curves that it did manage to convert to the document, instead of throwing all away.