Convert grasshopper script into python

Could anyone help me convert a grasshopper script into python? Its a short and simple script. i can compensate! Thanks so much!

What does your Grasshopper script look like?

Panels Grasshopper Script (16.7 KB)
Doesnt let me post a ong of it but here it is

its a very simple script, need help urgently :frowning:

You didn’t internalize your geometry.

What have you started in Python already? Is the intent to run from Rhino or Grasshopper? This would require scripting a lot of already scripted components, any particular part that you are looking for?

Panels Reference Lines on Rhino.3dm (42.0 KB)
I have nothing in python, I don’t know how to use it, but my partner wants to visualize the script in ghpython component. It might not be efficient or something, but I just need to get it translated to python

I just googled and managed to internalize all data, here it is! I started using rhino a week ago and grasshopper 2 days go so sorry, I’m learning
Panels Grasshopper Script (16.7 KB)

is there a special reason for rewriting it in python? I will be a lot of work, basically you’ll have to rebuild the logic one to one with the python functions


wants to visualize the script in ghpython component.

the script should be visualized? I would say grasshopper is a better visual scripting environment than python or does this refer to the output of the script? (548.5 KB)
here is an example of what I I’m trying to do with my file. I’m just learning rhino and grasshopper so I don’t really understand much, that why I’m looking for help to do it

you could always use a cluster for packaging multiple gh compontens into one element, if it’s that what you want (still not sure)

Panels Grasshopper Script (249.1 KB)
to do this select the components you want to cluster > right click > cluster

No, the grasshopper file is complete how it is, my partner wants to visualize it in python, like the last GH file I sent you, as a way of exploring programming software, not about efficiency or productivity.

You want to explore programming software but ask here for others to do it for you. If you are interested in exploring / learning the software I would suggest looking at the developer docs. If on the other hand there is a specific problem you are struggeling with, have a look here: Help Us Help You

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Yes I was just tasked to get the file converted to python, but I don’t know how to use that so I’m looking for someone to help me do it. Not to learn myself. You think you or someone can help? Thanks!

You can post your request in the jobs section of the forum, just put it in the right category.

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Are you looking for something like this in python? We could then do a simple offset or extrusion.

This looks fun but I’m at work full time so have little extra time.

The first issue I notice is that the Populate node has no equivalent in Rhinocommon so cannot simply be recreated in Python without an algorithm so you’ll get a random pattern instead really, if you do it simply, whereas Grasshopper Populate is a slow algorithm that spaces things out much more evenly than just random points do.