Convert Generic Model to Ceiling

Hi Nathan,

I’m excited about Conveyer and hope to be able to use it in my office. I have used, to varying degrees of success, Rhino Inside Revit and a handful of other tools and think this one looks like it could be a great solution. The primary challenge I have run into is getting ceilings from Rhino into Revit; it looks like in order to do this I have to build the geometry as conveyer components and then turn it from a generic model into a ceiling? I’m much more of a Rhino user than a Revit user so may be missing something obvious, but every time I attempt a workflow like this I end up with generic model geometry that I can’t do anything else with.

Hi @scott.deisher
Unfortunately Revit’s available APIs do not allow for native ceiling creation. It’s frustrating as that has been a known limitation for years!

This subsequently means these tools aren’t going to be very helpful apart from getting some surface/solids into your document -