Convert everything to meshes


Could somebody show the most proper way to convert all geometry objects to vertices, normals, indexes - i.e. to the polygonal form.

Are you using C++ or .NET?

There are a couple of ways of doing this, depending on what you want to. So, in what context are you trying to convert surfaces and polysurfaces to meshes? Will the user be involved?

We are now in the process of choosing what platform to use, you can use either - I think there should not be a big difference(or not?)
we just need to collect all geometry and prepare it for a custom polygonal renderer so the user will not be involved.

If you are using C++, writing a custom rendering plug-in, and generated your customer render plug-in project with the Rhino Plug-In Wizard (and select “custom render plug-in”) as the plug-in type, then the Render Development Kit (RDK) will handle all of the meshing for you.

When your render plug-in is the current renderer (from within Rhino, pick Render -> Current Renderer menu), then when you run the Render command, the Render() member on your CRhRdkSdkRender-derived object will be called. Here, the wizard will have add some sample code that shows you how to create a IRhRdkSdkRenderMeshIterator object to get all of the render meshes in the scene.

Does this help?

yes, thanks, as I can see I can get vertexes suing


but could you also show how to get normals and texture UVs?

and also Are these vertexes in World coordinate system? I dont need to transform it using some matrixes?