Convert circles into blocks

Hello everybody,
I have over 2000 circles in my Rhino file and I would like to replace each by the same block.
Unfortunately, I do not know how that - more or less automatically - works. Is there a possibility?

circles.3dm (1.2 MB)

Thanks for the help!!

This would be doable with Grasshopper and the Human plug-in, or you could script up something custom. Here’s my grasshopper based approach: (61.9 KB)

And here’s the resulting file with the circles replaced by blocks:
circles.3dm (1.0 MB)

This is certainly possible with a script - but the question is, as all the circles appear to be the same diameter (4), do you want them replaced with 2,595 copies of the same block, or 2,595 different blocks? (I assume the first, but I thought I’d ask…)


@Helvetosaur yes the first option

@andheum yeah thank you so much!!! that is, what i were searching for =)

Hi Mitch, just stubbled on this feed when searching for a result to an issue I currently have… Is it possible to have a script that can replace & scale the same block to match a series of circles with differing diameters?


Probably… I guess you want the insertion point of the block at the circle center and the scale factor according to some ratio reference diameter/circle diameter?

Yes exactly, that would be the ideal!

OK, maybe try this one on for size…

Select the circles to replace, select a reference circle for diameter or key in a reference value, select the block definition from the list, option to delete the original circles or not. (2.7 KB)

That is perfect, totally made my day!!

Many thanks,