Convert Branch Item to double or string ? in C#

Hi all,

i try to convert the branch item to a double or string depending whats inside.
For example this Item 6 i would like to convert to a double how does it work…i tried

var x =  Test.Branch(0)[0];
A = x.GetType();

But it says
and the input is
or ist System.Int32 a double ?

hi @flokart, Convert does not transform the variable supplied (it doesnt work “in place”), you have to assign the converted value to a new variable e.g.:

int myInt = 5;
var myHopefullyDouble = Convert.ToDouble(myInt);

You can read up on convert in the microsoft docs:

cool that seems to works thanks.

var x = Test.Branch(0)[0];
double T = Convert.ToDouble(x);
A = T.GetType();